Indoor Instructional Leagues

Champions will be offering two separate leagues for young players between the ages of 7 & 8 plus 9 & 10 years old. The league will be played at Champions and will be a little bit different than any league before.

During Champions Instructional Baseball League, players will play a small 6-on-6 Indoor game on the field. Each team consists of up to 8 players per team, who rotate per inning.

What makes this league so special is that Jeff Keith spends time on the field during the game, not only coaching the kids to improve their fundamentals, but he coaches them through game situations. Coach Keith’s knowledge and energy make the game flow smoothly

The league will have two different age groups:

Ages 7-8: Will play coach pitch on Friday evenings

Ages 9-10: Will play kid pitch on Sunday afternoons


Each Session is 5 weeks and the cost per session is $80.00


Ages 7-8      (Please Call Champions for availability)

Session 1: 11/07/2014-12/12/2014; No game Thanksgiving Weekend
Session 2: 1/9/2015-2/6/2015
Session 3: 2/13/2015-3/13/2015


Ages 9/10

Session 1: 11/9/2014-12/14/2-14 No game Thanksgiving Weekend
Session 2: 1/4/2015-2/1/2015
Session 3: 02/08/2015- 03/08/2015