Elite Fall Baseball League (Request an Invite)

This is the longest-running and most established fall league in the Tri-State for varsity players such as yourself. You WILL get exposure to colleges; don’t be fooled by leagues imitating ours!  The league is limited to selected varsity players throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern KY, and Eastern IN.  Invitations are sent only upon recommendation by a varsity coach.  The 2024 season begins in August and continues through the tournament in October.  Games will be played on Wednesdays or Thursdays and Sundays on various assigned fields.  Some of the fields we are scheduled to play on include UC Clermont, Midland, Prasco, Crosley, Testerman, NKU, Reds RBI Fields, and various high school fields.

As a former college coach and pro scout with the University of South Carolina and the Chicago Cubs and White Sox, I know that the fall is an opportune time to observe and evaluate players.  My former colleagues as well as numerous other college coaches and scouts appreciate the chance to make the most of their time by observing only the finest talent in the area.  Many of our fall games are attended by college coaches and pro scouts, including the league’s own two scouts, with the power to help athletes take their baseball ability to the next level.  We have averaged about 50 players per year in the league that go on to play in college.

The league will invite a limited number of players, at no charge, to participate in a league All-Star game/showcase which is attended by 40 college coaches and pro scouts.  This opportunity is based on individual talent, 2024 fall ball performance, and high school stats.

Please submit your request to be invited to this league.  (Click here for the request).  Please email back to [email protected]

Please Note:  Requesting an invite in no way signs you up or guarantees acceptance to this event.  Requests for invites are reviewed on an individual basis by the event director.