Video Analysis Technology Lessons

Champions is introducing VIDEO ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY to our enhanced Instructional Lesson Package

  • The Video Analysis Technology allows each player to measure and compare (to age group) the following standards:
    • Bat Launch Angle
    • Bat Speed
    • Peak Hand Speed
    • On Plane Efficiency
    • Time to Contact
    • Blast Factor (power effectiveness)
  • Through slow motion video, our trained instructors will optimize the lesson by showing each player areas within which they can improve.
  • Video of the player will be recorded during 1st lesson, from which a player’s Video Analysis chart will be produced in order to track the metrics. The 2nd and 3rd lessons will focus on improving those metrics. Video will again be recorded during the 4th lesson with another Video Analysis chart produced to track the Player’s progress.
  • The enhanced package of four lessons with video instruction is only $20 more than our current 4-lesson package. ($5 per lesson)

For more information, contact the Front Office or Mike Bricker at 513-831-8873!

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