Join us for our NEW Acceleration Sports Training!

This Speed and Strength Ground Based Training program is designed to provide us with the ability to train large groups of athletes in a team or classroom type of environment. There is a systematic progression from the feet to the shoulders. There is special emphasis placed on appropriate “Core Development”, balance and proprioceptive development, speed, agility, and quickness as well as overall strength and addressing multidirectional movement skills. The Core Development section is designed with the focus about the low back, abdomen and hip girdle. It provides functional dynamic development of the musculature about the athlete’s center of gravity.

The exercises provide concentric, eccentric, isometric and velocity specific muscle contractions. Speed and Plyometric drills will be central to the program. The program allows us to teach the athletes how to better control their body in time and space. We will be able to help the athlete in their conditioning phase of working out.

We will teach the athlete the correct biomechanics of running and jumping. This will assist in helping to prevent injuries to the lower extremity and in particular the knee joint. This is accomplished by the athlete learning to better control their body and land in the appropriate anatomic position.


Fall Ground Base Group Training Session


Information Coming Soon.